Ginza Street Food with The Menehunes – Part 1

In this video, The Menehunes visited Ginza. It is a district of Chūō, Tokyo, located south of Yaesu and Kyōbashi, west of Tsukiji, east of Yūrakuchō and Uchisaiwaichō, and north of Shinbashi. It is a popular upscale shopping area of Tokyo, with numerous internationally renowned department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffeehouses located in its vicinity. Ginza is recognized by many as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world, attracting visitors and regulars alike from across the globe. The Menehunes walked along the streets of Ginza to find some interesting food and restaurants. They went to See’s candies. They ate lots of Japanese food like gyoza, tonkotsu ramen, grilled seafood on a shell, fresh uni, fresh sea scallops, tamagoyaki, Kyoto Candy Art Sushi candies, and Sea Urchin Tabekurabe Don from Tsukiji Itadori Unitora Kurau. Ginza has really lots of delicious Japanese food.

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