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Menehunes is a family project that has fun videos for kids, by kids. We will do everything from candy to beauty to toys and games.

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Safeway Monopoly Challenge * free stuff? *

Hi everyone today Eliana showed you how to do monopoly and won free stuff. It was super fun and we hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, make sure to hit the like and subscribe button and we hope to see you guys in the next video!
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Open The Dino Smashers Egg with Eliana

Hi everyone! Watch this video to open the new Dino Smashers Egg with Eliana! Eliana had so much fun with this and we hope you had a fun time watching her! Make sure to click the subscribe button and give this video a like! See you guys next time!
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Masqd vs. Big Sis Co. vs. Aloha Vision Consultants | Which mask is the the best?

Hey everyone today we tested out different masks to see which one is the best. Most masks are made with 1 or 2 layers and out of cotton but Aloha Vision Consultants have 3 or more layers. If you watch the video, we conclude that not only is Aloha Vision Consultants the best mask out of the 3, it’s also one of the best masks on the market. If you want to get one of the masks from this video here are the links. See you next time!
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