The Menehunes at Seattle Pier and Pikes Place Market

In this video, The Menehunes went to Seattle Pier. It is also known as Pier 57, originally Pier 6. It is located in Seattle, Washington near the foot of University Street. Currently under private ownership, the pier is now a tourist attraction with gift shops, tourist attractions, and restaurants. Koko and Buddy saw Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt, Pikes Place Market and Captain America’s Bike ride. In addition, they rode the famous Seattle Great wheel. It is a giant Ferris wheel with an overall height of 175 feet (53.3 m); it was the tallest Ferris wheel on the West Coast of the United States when it opened on June 29, 2012. Each car of the Ferris wheel can accommodate 8 people and you can ride it up to three times. The ride costs 13 dollars for teens and 15 dollars for adults. It was a great ride for the Menehunes.

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