Another Day In Seattle with The Menehunes

In this video, The Menehunes explored Seattle. First, they went to Westlake Park. It is a 0.1-acre (400 m2) public plaza in downtown Seattle, Washington, USA. They enjoyed playing exciting games like the Zorb ball, shooting game, ladder golf and the fun climbing structure. They got some free healthy and nutritious bananas from the Community Banana Stand. After that, they went to the playground and had fun there. They loved and tried all the playground equipment. And last but not the least; they visited the Pikes Place Market. It is a public market overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle, Washington, United States. The Market opened August 17, 1907, and is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the United States. The Market is built on the edge of a steep hill, and consists of several lower levels located below the main level. Each features a variety of unique shops such as antique dealers, comic book and collectible shops, small family-owned restaurants, and one of the oldest head shops in Seattle. The upper street level contains fishmongers; fresh produce stands and craft stalls operating in the covered arcades.

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